PAXSTER the vehicle:


Small vehicle:

Bigger Payload

With a 200 kg loading capacity you will make fewer deposit roundtrips compared to any other small delivery vehicle.
For easy access, Paxster can carry 3 x 15 kg up front, and the
rear cargo box with a volume up to 820liters can be tailor-made
to fit your postal trays.

Not just an ATV:

Designed to Deliver

From its inception, Paxster was designed to make life easier for delivery personnel everywhere.

Purpose built down to every single detail, from using the battery placement to optimize centre of gravity, via designing the cockpit for time-saving on repetitive tasks, to the appreciated hill-hold feature.
In fact, Paxster is so full of ingenious little details that you won’t even notice them. It simply feels like the natural delivery vehicle. Once driven, there’s no going back.